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  • 年: <span>2019年</span>

年別アーカイブ: 2019年

Summer School 2019

Here are some pictures from summer school. The children enjoyed playing games, cooking, doing science projects …

July Craft

In July, the children made spiral roses  and shells on the beach. Beautiful work everyone!!!

July Lunch Party

Before the summer break, we had a lunch party with lots of delicious food! Ms. Mami and Ms. Masako always make …

June Craft

In June, the children made Father`s Day cards, airplanes, and stencil art bags.   

June Cooking

In June, the children enjoyed making…. Dumplings and rice balls. Yummy!

We are looking for new students to join us at YEP! 

We are looking for new students to join us at YEP!  We will be holding an open house for anyone with a child …

2019 Sports Day

On May 17th, we had our annual sports day at Shinrin Park. The weather was beautiful and there were many fun e …

May Cooking

In May, the children made sandwiches and potato salad.  

Spring Fun 2019

During spring break, we had are annual Spring Fun Program. The children enjoyed many activities such as singin …

March 21st Graduation Ceremony

We held our graduation ceremony at Miel Parque Yokohama on March 21st. We will be friends forever!!! After the …

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