The goal of Yokohama English Preschool is to produce internationally educated children.



Preschool Teachers

Poonum Sadhwani

 Hello. My name is Poonum Sadhwani.

I have had the pleasure to be the main teacher of YEP for the past years.

My greatest motivation is for the children to achieve their goals.

Please come and join us in our stream of education and fun activities.

Roy Jaime A Chan

 Hello, everyone! My name is Roy.

I believe that seeing children smile as they discover new things is just priceless!

Witnessing them become the best version of themselves is one of the best feeling as a teacher.

I can’t wait to meet each one of you!


Mika Cho

 I love teaching children.

Everyday is a new discovery for me.

They are filled with curiosity with unique individualities.

Baby Class Teachers

Naoko Bracha

 This is my 13th year teaching at YEP.

It has been such a joy watching our students grow.

My goal is to create a fun and safe learning environment where students can feel at home.


Beatrice S

 My name is Beatrice Sawahata.

I am a teacher of the Baby Class.
I am very happy to see the children starting to speak and understand English.

Please come and join our group.

Josefina MLirio

 My name is Josie Lirio.

I am one of the teachers working in the Baby Class.

I do believe that we have an excellent program to offer for our youngest children entrusted to us.

We offer free class observations and trials.Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone. TEL 045-663-6817 Email: AM 10:00 - PM 6:00

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