The goal of Yokohama English Preschool is to produce internationally educated children.

The 7 Special Features of YEP

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The 7 Special Features of YEP

  Feature 1

  Over 20 years of Experience and Performance  

 YEP was established in 1999, feeling the necessity of English education from early childhood to keep up with the globalization of the world and producing global citizens for the next generation.

 We have a history of over 20 years as an English preschool and most of our teachers haven’t changed.

 Over the 20 years, English education has become a necessity in society resulting in English as a compulsory subject from elementary school in Japan. The number of preschools have increased but YEP has a long history of great experience and performance. There are some graduates already working. They embody the education they achieved at YEP and are all successful in their different fields. We will make new challenges and continue to provide the best quality education.


 Feature 2

  Flexible Attendance for the Different Needs 

  At YEP, flexible attendance is possible for the different needs.

  Preschool        9:30 – 14:20 from 3 days a week ~

  Baby Class      9:30 – 14:00 from 2 days a week ~

  English Class

  Nursery School   8:30 – 19:00

 A lot of women have made social advancements over the last 20 years. We hope to help and support the working mothers and parents thinking of Japanese education for their children by offering different types of possible attendances.


 Feature 3

  Small Scaled Classes for the Children   

 At a lot of major schools, there is only a small number of teachers and many replacements to the number of students as well as low experiences in teaching. We hear complaints that there is not enough communication and warm nurturing, only a lot of play and also haven’t mastered English even though the child graduated from an English preschool.

 We keep our classes small to insure that each child receives all the support and care they need to flourish in their development in the classroom as well as their daily lives.

 We also offer different leveled classes for the children to master English. As a result, the senior class students have received very high scores in Eiken Junior Gold. Every child is confident in using English and we have received good comments about how well the graduates are performing at International schools.


 Feature 4

  Many Activities and Events  

 At YEP, the children acquire the knowledge and understanding of different cultures to grow into global citizens. By the time of graduation, the students have accomplished many skills such as English reading and writing, solving Math word problems and 2 digit addition and subtraction.

 We offer free Japanese lessons for the senior class for 1 year enabling the child to acquire Hiragana and Katakana and the basic knowledge of Japanese. We include Shiritori, Japanese songs and stories to broaden the understanding of the Japanese language and culture.

 We also offer many different activities like cooking, craft etc. to inspire the curiosity, potential and wonder of the child.

 To give each child many wonderful and unforgettable memories, we offer many events (Easter, excursion, picnic, sports day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc.)


 Feature 5

  Closeness of Parents and Teachers  

 At major schools, one finds it difficult to have a deep communication with the teachers and staff concerning different matters such as questions, anxieties and requests. At YEP, there are many opportunities that the parents can talk to the principal and the teachers at daily drop off and pick up time. We have made some new classes answering to the request of our parents.

 We also hold a Parents / Teachers conference twice a year to discuss the growth and progress of the child.


 Feature 6

  A 4 Storied House Built As A School In A Quiet Residential Area  

 YEP is a 4 storied house built as a school in a very quiet residential area. The school is well designed for the safety and ease of use and like a home for the children.

 While car commuting is prohibited in many school, YEP has a large parking space enabling car community to school. We often go to and play at the Shinrin Park, a very big park filled with rich nature.


 Feature 7

  Preparatory Class for the Entrance Examination for Private Schools  

 While some students step up to International schools, some challenge for private schools. At YEP, we offer a preparatory class for the entrance examination for private schools. Every year, a lot of students are being accepted to famous private schools.


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