2018 SporingFun!

* Date : 2018 March 22nd (Thu), 23rd (Fri)
26th (Mon), 27th (Tue)
* Time :  9:30am~ 2:30pm (Baby class will be dismissed at 2:00pm)
* Age :  2 years ~ 7years
* Fee : ¥7500 per day (1日¥7,500 )
*Menu :   Card games, Picnics at the park, Cooking, Sports
(soccer, basketball, mats, balance beams, jumping
box etc), Art by a professional teacher .
*Bring :   Extra clothes, Hat, Bug repellent
*Lunch will be provided by the school (ランチはスクールで用意致します)
If your child is allergic or has some other problem, you need to bring his/her
own snack, lunch and drink. This applies to both classes.
 We would like you to put your child’s name on all of
their belongings. The school will not take responsibility for lost items.
 Application, payment deadline : End of February (Non-refundable)
(受講料を添えて2月末までに提出して下さい。原則として払い戻しは致しません。 )
Please note that the space is limited.
Yokohama English Preschool
37-14,Negishiasahidai, Naka-ku, Yokohama
Tel / Fax 045-663-6817 http://www.yepreschool.jp

2018 Spring Fun