2018 SPORTS DAY (運動会)
* Place:Negishi Shinrin Park (根岸森林公園)
* Date & Time: May 11th Friday (5月11日金曜日)
If it rains on that day we will postpone the sports day to Monday 14th.
In that case, Friday the 11th will be a regular school day.
*Schedule 9:45 am Meet at the 1st parking area at Shinrin Park.
This is the open space in front of Negishi Asahidai bus stop.
(根岸旭台バス停前 広場)
10:00 am Start
Pre Baton relay
Pre Ladle race
Baby Baton relay (with Parents)
Baby Ladle relay (with Parents)
Parents Baton relay
Parents Ladle race
☆ Snack Time
Pre Sack race
Pre 3-legged race
Parents 3-legged race
Parents Sack race
Children Balloon Popping
Parents Balloon Popping
Children Tug of war
Parents Tug of war
☆ Songs & Dance
☆ Lunch Time (Bring your own lunch)
☆ Free Time
1:10 pm Dismissal